Golf Outing by MultiLife Ltd

Last weekend was a unique one at Athens. We hosted MultiLife Ltd, a non-governmental organization during their 3rd Annual Golf Outing. When the time came for hosting such event, they could think of no other place than Athens.
I got the chance to get close and personal with the CEO who revealed certain things about golf outing. He touched on the benefits his organization enjoys from such annual outings. My encounter with him was really great, and perhaps sharing what he said would move someone out there to help their organization, especially the non-governmental ones, to raise some funds for projects through golf outing. And when your organization decides to hold one, don’t forget Athens.

The first item he touched on was that these outings provided platforms for additional revenue. The streams of additional revenue included golfer/team fee, corporate sponsorship …

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In Search of the Lost

Don’t be alarmed by the title to this post. Personnel at Athens, in the past days, have been out in search of lost golf balls – balls lost on our course during play. Thankfully, we collected a good number, and most of them have gone through refinishing. By refinishing I refer to the process of making the recovered balls as good as new or, at least, as close as possible.
We were able to recover balls which were still in good shape; they were as good for any game. They just needed a simple clean up, and that was all. There were those beyond repair. These were sent over for recycling. They were to be made into brand new balls.

Then there were those that required refurbishing. These were the ones that received refinishing. Some balls needed simple refinishing. This …

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