Our New Look (And Thanks To Our Contractors!)

New interior paint for locker room

Hello members,

Some of you may have noticed improvements around the club recently. In an effort to maintain our world class experience for you and your guests, we are constantly updating New interior paint for locker roomand improving our grounds for you. Everything from the grass to the clubhouse. We have pressure washed and had the carpets professionally cleaned. Please don’t mind the professional pressure washers, they will be done soon! As our locker rooms have been looking rather dated recently, we have decided to update them into something more conducive to an upscale environment and less mid century modern. Therefore, you will see new lockers, tile in the bathrooms, and a fresh new coat of paint. If you see our contractor’s DeWALT table saw in the hall, know that we are working on making AGC better for you! We would like to thank …

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Tips on Fixing the Drains at a Flooded Golf Course

You are taking a shower and you notice that the water is draining much slower than normal causing a layering of water on the bottom of the area. You may also notice an unusual and unpleasant smell coming from the drain. These are the biggest warning signs that you may need to unclog your drain. It is important to pick up on the signs before your drain is unusable. Fortunately for you, this is an easy fix that you do not have to call a professional for if you catch it early enough, as well as an inexpensive fix.

Here are some things that 4RooterGuy.com suggests for clearing a drain

Boiling Water

You can pour some boiling water with some salt down the drain. This can help break up the clog then you can try a plunger to help coax …

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Severe Water Damage To Course

Water damaged course

The Athens Golf Club experienced a freak storm last week that resulted in the entire course being water damaged almost beyond repair. The course itself is over 125 years old but when river defenses were breached, riverwater and debris covered the entire course. In some areas of the course, the water reached as high as 3ft and some of the trees became swallowed up by the flooding. Tons of rubble was also on the course, resulting in a disaster for both the owners and the general public.

The golf club were very quick to act when they found out how bad the damage was and they even went as far to enlist the help of the general public as well as a local water damage company. The clean up began and because they had the right equipment and specialised …

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Our First Post!

Welcome to our new site!


The Athens Golf Club is proud to announce that we have revamped the website and will be working to make it more of a resource for our members. Some features that will be added (hopefully!) are a current tee time schedule, a calendar of upcoming events, a current weather widget, and maybe even a webcam of the greens! Let us know what features you want to see by filling out the contact form here.


Again, we want to thank our wonderful members for being patient with us through this process. If you have any other questions or concerns, you can send us a message via the contact form or send Leonard Holdwick an email at golf@athensgolfclub.com.
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