About AGC

The admin and staff of Athens Golf Club (AGC) have a common goal: to provide an efficient and effective online presence for members of AGC by keeping every one up to date on events and happenings in the most interactive way. It is our vision that AGC would be the most interactive online platform for golfers via various modern tools of communication.

We work hard to ensure you enjoy the most serene golfing atmosphere and facilities. We are constantly developing our infrastructure. While we stick to good maintenance culture, we also embark on new infrastructural projects to meet the demand of club members.

Among us are competent professional golf instructors who have given countless golf lessons to people. You can always count on us for help. The instructors among us are ever ready to assist in such areas as helping improve your golf swing as well as saving strokes around the green with better chipping and pitching skills. With us, you are in for a real golfing experience!