Severe Water Damage To Course

Water damaged course

The Athens Golf Club experienced a freak storm last week that resulted in the entire course being water damaged almost beyond repair. The course itself is over 125 years old but when river defenses were breached, riverwater and debris covered the entire course. In some areas of the course, the water reached as high as 3ft and some of the trees became swallowed up by the flooding. Tons of rubble was also on the course, resulting in a disaster for both the owners and the general public.

The golf club were very quick to act when they found out how bad the damage was and they even went as far to enlist the help of the general public as well as a local water damage company. The clean up began and because they had the right equipment and specialised knowledge on-hand, the cleanup was finished in just under four days.

Even though the club acted quickly, they still had to re-do parts of the green. This was an expensive job, but if they didn’t hire the water damage company, they would have had to re-surface the entire area as well as replanting and re-seeding the scenery that surrounds the course.

This disaster really did set the club back and it took a lot of hard work from both local water damage companies and the general public to get it back on track but the end result is remarkable when you consider the fact that parts of the course were, at one point, 12 feet under water.

If you find that your golf course has water damage from rain or even because of a natural disaster, call your water damage restoration team today and they will do everything they can to remove the water from your green as fast as possible.