Golf Outing by MultiLife Ltd

Last weekend was a unique one at Athens. We hosted MultiLife Ltd, a non-governmental organization during their 3rd Annual Golf Outing. When the time came for hosting such event, they could think of no other place than Athens.
I got the chance to get close and personal with the CEO who revealed certain things about golf outing. He touched on the benefits his organization enjoys from such annual outings. My encounter with him was really great, and perhaps sharing what he said would move someone out there to help their organization, especially the non-governmental ones, to raise some funds for projects through golf outing. And when your organization decides to hold one, don’t forget Athens.

The first item he touched on was that these outings provided platforms for additional revenue. The streams of additional revenue included golfer/team fee, corporate sponsorship fees, underwriting opportunities, raffles, general donation, on-the-course contests, mulligan sales, auctions, merchandise sales, and extra sales on meal dished out to non-golfers who just come for the meal.

Oh! He wasn’t done with the benefits. He said, “…and my favorite lies in the boundless networking opportunities annual golf outing offers”. Come to think of it – that’s so true. What happens is that participants, in the anticipation of networking with other golfers that will be in attendance, tend to give their full support for the success of the outing. The idea of networking makes the recruiting of teams for the outing an easier task. “…and this can be a real selling point”, the golfing CEO added. You end up with a large pool of golfers who come, not just to play golf, but as well make some new business connections. There is no doubt this goes to increase the value of the outing.

It further becomes an avenue for you to have personal contact with your donors. The MultiLife CEO, during the event, was a gracious host to several golfers who had been invited. He greeted and welcomed various guests; he was seen milling around the cart corral among other social activities. This is where the boss gets to socialize and mingle with potential associates/contributors, especially the donors. The CEO shared his experience. He was afforded the opportunity to run new ideas by his donors, and what’s more, he could ask them for advice on particular projects. He had a few laughs with them in the spirit of true comradeship. “By this, I am sure to grow my donor base”, he said.

An important point he touched on was the fact that such outings could be used as avenues to honor certain well deserved personalities. Their outing really attracted a huge number, especially from their community; this they anticipated. They therefore saw it a perfect opportunity to honor certain outstanding personalities with esteemed awards. This was done at a banquet held on Sunday, after a whole day (Saturday) of golfing. The fact that his organization has established this kind of banquet (post-golf outing) as an annual ceremony on their calendar was enough to pull a considerable number of people to the event.

That was my encounter with MultiLife Ltd last weekend. They had a great golf outing and a good amount was raised for projects that lie ahead. They had so much joy, humor and excitement. They had the chance to grow their donor base as well as establish new friendships (networking opportunities). It helps you show gratitude to the people living in your community.

If you are a member of Athens Club who happens to work with a non-governmental organization, I am sure you would be suggesting an annual golf outing to your boss as a great and proven way to raise much funds for projects that lie ahead.

Are you worried about how to get people to attend should your company settle for a golf outing? You shouldn’t worry at all. This is simply because golf outings have now become so popular that you will not have a tough time convincing people to attend. Golf outings come with exciting package that will make your work of invitation so easy. Things like a fantastic golf course, great networking opportunities, and the possibility of winning some awards are elements of the exciting package I am talking about. They are enough to make people respond positively to your invitation.

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  • This is really an eye opener for me and other fellows who had no clue about the sort of benefits golf outing bears for a non-governmental organization. I have a couple of friends working with some NGOs. I better tell them of this; I am sending them the link to the site so they read for themselves. I am sure it will do their company a lot of good.