Setting the Pace in Effective Communication

The Athens Golf Club looks forward to setting the pace in effective modern communication even as we revamp. The sad truth is that not so many golf clubs are up to date with elements of modern communication, especially in the area of social media. Email is a traditional norm for every golf club that has an online presence, and not many clubs are willing to go past that! How about the use of text, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and the several other platforms of the social media?

Athens promises to be a lively golf club that is abreast of technological advances in communication. As we revamp the site, we look forward to creating a strong bond between our members and us through effective communication. Our plans include making use of Text, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube and other platforms to create a perfect means of disseminating information as well as quality two-way communication pathway.

Athens Golf Club is living on as the club for both the new and succeeding generation of golfers. That means we are dealing with generations that live with these online platforms day-in, day-out. Looking into the future, we are quick to understand and realize that club members would inherently have a heavy demand for the inclusion of these online social elements as part of the fabric of Athens Club. We at Athens are therefore very much hopeful that members would find the high level of communication they seek in a good golf club. By this, we are confident of attracting and retaining more and more golfers – golfers with a genuine need for modern communication.

We therefore urge you to stay connected as we prepare to hit our faithful members and the rest of the world with the latest and updated information via our blog as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts, not forgetting Google Plus. Members would be able to follow Athens Club on Facebook and Twitter; this will be a means of effectively reaching members with information and promoting and selling the club and its fantastic facilities to the potential club members. What’s more, we look forward to creating very simple Youtube videos that seek to promote the club.

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