It was almost a Hole-in-one

Today would be memorable in my mind for a long time, if not forever. Just as I thought I had made a hole-in-one, my caddie, in a disappointed mood, signaled an unbelievable alert. What could have gone wrong? I thought to myself, “There is nothing stopping me from having a hole-in-one today”. Every golfer knows the sensation that accompanies a hole-in-one achievement. This shot is rare and is surely the golfer’s dream.

Well, let me begin in the proper way. I went golfing with few friends this morning, of course at our beautiful Athens. The greens was so sprightly and the atmosphere perfect for a great day of golf. Then my greatest anticipation grew so intense, especially when the ball disappeared after it had dropped a few yards from the hole. That was a rare shot, and every golfer knows …

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