In Search of the Lost

Don’t be alarmed by the title to this post. Personnel at Athens, in the past days, have been out in search of lost golf balls – balls lost on our course during play. Thankfully, we collected a good number, and most of them have gone through refinishing. By refinishing I refer to the process of making the recovered balls as good as new or, at least, as close as possible.
We were able to recover balls which were still in good shape; they were as good for any game. They just needed a simple clean up, and that was all. There were those beyond repair. These were sent over for recycling. They were to be made into brand new balls.

Then there were those that required refurbishing. These were the ones that received refinishing. Some balls needed simple refinishing. This involves a simple clean up, after which the balls are coated with lightweight protective sheen. The other refinishing process is a bit complex: it requires a refurbishment process that involves chemical cleaning. The purpose of the chemical cleaning is to get rid of all stains, all forms of discoloration and markings. After this has been done, a small portion of the outer layer is stripped off. Next, the ball is given a smooth and shiny look through priming. After this has been done, there is a reprinting of the original manufacturer’s markings on the surface of the ball. The last thing is the application of a glossy protective coating.

The refinished balls are put out for sale for home use. The good thing about refinished balls is that they are very cheap and could make you save up to 50% of the original price. The next time you visit Athens, consider getting some refinished balls for your home. Let your kids take some golf lessons with the balls; you don’t need to spend as much on the original. Save money while building your kids a great future.

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