Giving Refurbishment a Thought

As I thought through the array of infrastructure we need to develop, build and refurbish, a nice idea came to mind. Well, it’s always great to have improved and ultra-modern facilities at Athens. That’s always a nice thing to do. The idea came to me in the form of a question: “how can we at Athens cater for the refurbishing needs of our members with respect to their golfing equipment?

That got me thinking. I had to start something. Then I realize the refurbishment of worn-out golf club was essential to the avid golfer. We at Athens have the welfare of our members at heart; we are therefore very happy to help in all endeavors. In this post, we want to touch on refurbishing your old golf clubs; those favorite clubs you don’t want to lose.

Probably you are thinking of throwing them away or giving them out to one amateur golfer living in your neighborhood. You clubs might be full of years and have already begun showing signs of “old age” – wear and tear. You know, there can be a facelift to your golf clubs and they will be back to life once again. Let’s take a look at how to refurbish our old golf clubs.

Let me begin by touching on this challenge: refurbishment specialists of golf clubs are not easy to find. They usually don’t undertake any advertisement; they are usually sole proprietors and do not own big shops. So how do you go about this? Alright, let’s consider the pro shop at your home course. Have you given this a thought? Pro shops usually undertake a variety of golf refurbishment works on site. They have the tools and expertise to repair your old golf clubs. What if the worst case scenario results – that is they are not able to offer the repair works you seek. Don’t lose hope yet. They are very likely to know about someone in your neighborhood who is a doyen at golf club repairs.

Now, delving into the business of refurbishment: what really goes into it? We understand refurbishment has a purpose of sparking some new life into your old golf clubs. But how does it happen? Well, to have your clubs undergo refurbishment means to have them go through one of the following: full service repair, component-specific replacement and replacement of all club components – what I call absolute repairs. Refurbishment seeks to update your golf clubs via the attachment of the most modern aerodynamic materials. You could also have a re-instating repair, where your golf clubs are made to remain as true to the specifications of the original manufacturer. There exists partial golf repair works; this involves grip, shaft or club head replacement.

There are companies which offer repair works on golf clubs. They have top-notch expertise and equipment to repair your clubs. In your quest to finding a place to repair your clubs, do well to check out other centers/facilities if you have more than one available to you. You could get people who have used the services of these facilities; inquire of them how much they appreciated the service they received. By means of this, you would be able to understand such things as: what exactly is entailed in the refurbishment works, the time, cost, and their response to issues once they are in possession of the clubs.

Still thinking of getting rid of your old golf clubs? Why not give refurbishment a try? It surely will spark new life in them, and you will be able to utilize those favorite clubs for a much longer time. Guess what, you might be able to keep them long enough to hand them over to your kids, and then they get to go golfing with daddy’s favorite golf clubs.

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