Maintenance Works at Athens

At Athens, our priority is to create an atmosphere that enhances the performance of our club members. We therefore strive to maintain our facilities with up to date techniques that would ensure every member is satisfied and given the serene atmosphere for a good golfing experience. So what do we do that makes us stand out?

We understand that every golf course is always in a state of constant change – trees, shrubs and grass are growing and interfering with the width of the putting surface. Failing to implement good maintenance culture would therefore imply wastage of the surface. That is the more reason why Athens Golf Club is very keen at providing an orderly fashioned maintenance to optimize utilization of our golf course.

We have a tree maintenance program which provides close monitoring of the health of trees on our golf course. Trees are not allowed to grow near the putting surfaces as well as the teeing surfaces. Our tree maintenance program does this to prevent trees from interfering with grass growth in these particular regions. We also ensure that overgrown branches of trees are also trimmed. Our slopes are hand mowed with line trimmers. We pay so much attention to trimming since it is the most difficult and crucial part of golf maintenance. The labor involved is really intensive.

Next, let’s talk about how we maintain our golf carts. Our electrically powered carts are serviced thrice annually. Since they are electrically powered, we ensure that the battery terminals and the water levels are checked every two weeks. During dusty weather, we endeavor to hose out the cart with specific attention to the interiors and underneath the seat.

We have realized that the use of metal spike golf shoes cause damage to the greens in our golf course. We therefore practice strict adherence to the use of soft spike golf shoes instead. We also use golf clubs with new metal woods; these have smaller and shallow heads, and are therefore very helpful.

We have an optimized irrigation system through efficient maintenance. We do this to control water wastage and subsequently improve the quality and appearance of our greens. We are able to achieve this by adopting the “Triple A” program. This stands for “Anticipating, Adjusting and Achieving”. The first step involves anticipating weather changes and increasing or decreasing water usage accordingly. This is a great check against dry spots as well as a check against the risk of over-watering. We make sure our irrigation schedule is adjusted so as to provide an increase or decrease in the run time of station in accordance with the rise in temperature. We have really enjoyed the benefits from following such a good irrigation maintenance program. There has been a decrease in turf stress and we have realized positive effect on our shrub and turf zones. We have greatly improved the quality and appearance of our greens. What’s more, we are proud to say that we are able to conserve so much water that would otherwise have been wasted.

Let’s take a look at rotor maintenance. How do we go about it? We regularly adjust the arcs of the rotors. We are quick at replacing worn-out seals and nozzles. We are always on the look-out for clogged screens and cracked cases; these are given immediate fix once observed. We have regular checks on the rotors for thatch build-up and improper rotation.

We give due attention to the other parts as well. For instance, we are strict on issues regarding wiring. We make sure that all wiring is properly connected. We check all cabinets for dirt and debris. They are well cleaned, leaving no room for moisture. This is essential in protecting the circuits as moisture would destroy them. We ensure that the backup battery is replaced as and when necessary. We give particular attention to earth grounding by ensuring that it does not exceed 5 ohms. Last but not least, we regularly check our rain sensors, making sure they are cleaned and well adjusted.

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