Our New Look

New interior paint for locker room

Hello members, Some of you may have noticed improvements around the club recently. In an effort to maintain our world class experience for you and your guests, we are constantly updating and improving our grounds for you. Everything from the grass to the clubhouse. As our locker rooms have been looking rather dated recently, we have decided to update them

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It was almost a Hole-in-one


Today would be memorable in my mind for a long time, if not forever. Just as I thought I had made a hole-in-one, my caddie, in a disappointed mood, signaled an unbelievable alert. What could have gone wrong? I thought to myself, “There is nothing stopping me from having a hole-in-one today”. Every golfer knows the sensation that accompanies a

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In Search of the Lost


Don’t be alarmed by the title to this post. Personnel at Athens, in the past days, have been out in search of lost golf balls – balls lost on our course during play. Thankfully, we collected a good number, and most of them have gone through refinishing. By refinishing I refer to the process of making the recovered balls as

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Maintenance Works at Athens


At Athens, our priority is to create an atmosphere that enhances the performance of our club members. We therefore strive to maintain our facilities with up to date techniques that would ensure every member is satisfied and given the serene atmosphere for a good golfing experience. So what do we do that makes us stand out? We understand that every

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Our First Post!


Welcome to our new site!   The Athens Golf Club is proud to announce that we have revamped the website and will be working to make it more of a resource for our members. Some features that will be added (hopefully!) are a current tee time schedule, a calendar of upcoming events, a current weather widget, and maybe even a

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