Starter Wedge Giveaway!

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Good news members!

As part of our partnership with Callaway, all members that play a round of golf in the month of September will automatically be entered in to win a set of starter clubs. This set is the Callaway Strata which will come with the golf bag (sleek and sturdy!), 460cc Driver, 3-Wood, Two Hybrids, an Iron and much much more! No purchase is necessary, you just have to come out and play! Each round of golf will give you one free entry, so the more you play, the more chances you have of winning. The winner will be chosen on October 1st from all eligible entries.

Just a reminder to all of our members that if you need a little help with your golf game that we have free instructors during normal business hours (extended days …

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Our New Look (And Thanks To Our Contractors!)

New interior paint for locker room

Hello members,

Some of you may have noticed improvements around the club recently. In an effort to maintain our world class experience for you and your guests, we are constantly updating New interior paint for locker roomand improving our grounds for you. Everything from the grass to the clubhouse. We have pressure washed and had the carpets professionally cleaned. Please don’t mind the professional pressure washers, they will be done soon! As our locker rooms have been looking rather dated recently, we have decided to update them into something more conducive to an upscale environment and less mid century modern. Therefore, you will see new lockers, tile in the bathrooms, and a fresh new coat of paint. If you see our contractor’s DeWALT table saw in the hall, know that we are working on making AGC better for you! We would like to thank …

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Tips on Fixing the Drains at a Flooded Golf Course

You are taking a shower and you notice that the water is draining much slower than normal causing a layering of water on the bottom of the area. You may also notice an unusual and unpleasant smell coming from the drain. These are the biggest warning signs that you may need to unclog your drain. It is important to pick up on the signs before your drain is unusable. Fortunately for you, this is an easy fix that you do not have to call a professional for if you catch it early enough, as well as an inexpensive fix.

Here are some things that suggests for clearing a drain

Boiling Water

You can pour some boiling water with some salt down the drain. This can help break up the clog then you can try a plunger to help coax …

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Severe Water Damage To Course

Water damaged course

The Athens Golf Club experienced a freak storm last week that resulted in the entire course being water damaged almost beyond repair. The course itself is over 125 years old but when river defenses were breached, riverwater and debris covered the entire course. In some areas of the course, the water reached as high as 3ft and some of the trees became swallowed up by the flooding. Tons of rubble was also on the course, resulting in a disaster for both the owners and the general public.

The golf club were very quick to act when they found out how bad the damage was and they even went as far to enlist the help of the general public as well as a local water damage company. The clean up began and because they had the right equipment and specialised …

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Golf Outing by MultiLife Ltd

Last weekend was a unique one at Athens. We hosted MultiLife Ltd, a non-governmental organization during their 3rd Annual Golf Outing. When the time came for hosting such event, they could think of no other place than Athens.
I got the chance to get close and personal with the CEO who revealed certain things about golf outing. He touched on the benefits his organization enjoys from such annual outings. My encounter with him was really great, and perhaps sharing what he said would move someone out there to help their organization, especially the non-governmental ones, to raise some funds for projects through golf outing. And when your organization decides to hold one, don’t forget Athens.

The first item he touched on was that these outings provided platforms for additional revenue. The streams of additional revenue included golfer/team fee, corporate sponsorship …

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Setting the Pace in Effective Communication

The Athens Golf Club looks forward to setting the pace in effective modern communication even as we revamp. The sad truth is that not so many golf clubs are up to date with elements of modern communication, especially in the area of social media. Email is a traditional norm for every golf club that has an online presence, and not many clubs are willing to go past that! How about the use of text, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and the several other platforms of the social media?

Athens promises to be a lively golf club that is abreast of technological advances in communication. As we revamp the site, we look forward to creating a strong bond between our members and us through effective communication. Our plans include making use of Text, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube and other platforms to create …

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It was almost a Hole-in-one

Today would be memorable in my mind for a long time, if not forever. Just as I thought I had made a hole-in-one, my caddie, in a disappointed mood, signaled an unbelievable alert. What could have gone wrong? I thought to myself, “There is nothing stopping me from having a hole-in-one today”. Every golfer knows the sensation that accompanies a hole-in-one achievement. This shot is rare and is surely the golfer’s dream.

Well, let me begin in the proper way. I went golfing with few friends this morning, of course at our beautiful Athens. The greens was so sprightly and the atmosphere perfect for a great day of golf. Then my greatest anticipation grew so intense, especially when the ball disappeared after it had dropped a few yards from the hole. That was a rare shot, and every golfer knows …

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In Search of the Lost

Don’t be alarmed by the title to this post. Personnel at Athens, in the past days, have been out in search of lost golf balls – balls lost on our course during play. Thankfully, we collected a good number, and most of them have gone through refinishing. By refinishing I refer to the process of making the recovered balls as good as new or, at least, as close as possible.
We were able to recover balls which were still in good shape; they were as good for any game. They just needed a simple clean up, and that was all. There were those beyond repair. These were sent over for recycling. They were to be made into brand new balls.

Then there were those that required refurbishing. These were the ones that received refinishing. Some balls needed simple refinishing. This …

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Giving Refurbishment a Thought

As I thought through the array of infrastructure we need to develop, build and refurbish, a nice idea came to mind. Well, it’s always great to have improved and ultra-modern facilities at Athens. That’s always a nice thing to do. The idea came to me in the form of a question: “how can we at Athens cater for the refurbishing needs of our members with respect to their golfing equipment?

That got me thinking. I had to start something. Then I realize the refurbishment of worn-out golf club was essential to the avid golfer. We at Athens have the welfare of our members at heart; we are therefore very happy to help in all endeavors. In this post, we want to touch on refurbishing your old golf clubs; those favorite clubs you don’t want to lose.

Probably you are thinking …

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Maintenance Works at Athens

At Athens, our priority is to create an atmosphere that enhances the performance of our club members. We therefore strive to maintain our facilities with up to date techniques that would ensure every member is satisfied and given the serene atmosphere for a good golfing experience. So what do we do that makes us stand out?

We understand that every golf course is always in a state of constant change – trees, shrubs and grass are growing and interfering with the width of the putting surface. Failing to implement good maintenance culture would therefore imply wastage of the surface. That is the more reason why Athens Golf Club is very keen at providing an orderly fashioned maintenance to optimize utilization of our golf course.

We have a tree maintenance program which provides close monitoring of the health of trees on …

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